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  • Saracens Multi-Academy Trust is responding to shortage of secondary school places in Barnet and plans to open The Saracens High School in September 2018, taking in 150 students in Years 1 & 2, followed by 180 students per year thereafter.

  • This is a state funded secondary school that will form part of the local community of schools.

  • Saracens Multi-Academy Trust is a partnership between educational professionals, Saracens’ Rugby Club, Saracens Sports Foundation, Middlesex University, Goldstar Federation (Orion and Goldbeaters Primary Schools). 

  • Saracens has demonstrated a firm commitment to the broader community over a 15 year period through the work of our charity, the Saracens Sport Foundation: we have been able to change the lives of children, young people and older people within our community through the power of sport, engaging over 70,000 people annually. 

  • We believe that students in this area need to have a clear pathway to higher education or a career path presented to them, along with the means to achieve their educational goals.

We aim to improve the current and future lives of local students and families and be amongst the highest performing schools nationally. 

  • The leadership of The Saracens High School will use their partnerships to create a highly successful educational offering, using a unique sport, heath and well being contribution to enhance this.
  • Our track record in educational outreach has proved that we have the professionalism, leadership, aspiration and potential for planning and delivering an expert educational vision in a mainstream school.
  • Students’ attitudes to learning will be nurtured: enjoyment and achievement will be paramount.
  • Teachers will have consistently high expectations of students’ behaviour and of the quality of their work.
  • Students will be set challenging targets in all subjects. Students will know what they have to do to achieve their targets and be given the tools to be successful.
  • Lessons will be characterised by high quality planning and by imaginative and creative activities that stimulate students’ curiosity and facilitate rapid progress over time. 










Saracens is much more than just a rugby club. It is a place that has a heartbeat, an identity and an unwavering sense of who and what it is. The Saracens High School will a mirror these traits and extend them into relevant, dynamic educational practice.


Our ethos will embrace feelings of trust, knowledge, reciprocity and shared behavioural norms that will create in our school a quality of life for staff and pupils that will be both enjoyable and productive.  Our connection with each other will promote friendships, create special moments, experiences and outstanding memories.. The Saracens High School will be a place where people will return to with great eagerness, into an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging that brings out the very best in people, motivating them to give their very best efforts in the classroom, in their activities and on the sports field.


By creating high levels of trust in our school we will produce a climate of psychological safety and honesty, allowing people to develop without fear of criticism and to give all of themselves to the academic and social goals.


Our work in the classroom and in our enrichment activities will be strongly underpinned  by the core values of Saracens:


  • Discipline: our school will be an orderly, safe and joyful place where our students will be governed and guided in their behavior by fair and sensible principles


  • Work rate: our school will be a place where the staff and children work incredibly hard to fulfill the potential of each individual and to maintain a relentless effort for school improvement


  • Humility:  our teaching styles will reflect the culture of success and commitment to character development with achievement celebrated as warmly as attainment.


  • Honesty:  we will insist on an honest appraisal of the efforts and attitude of students in all areas of their education.





A day in the life of Aisha a year 7 pupil at Saracens High School.   The activities within the school and the timings of the day will be built to reflect the needs of the local community. The actual timings of the school day will be decided at a later date.  

8.00am Aisha arrives at school in her sports kit and heads to the canteen for breakfast – the canteen opens at 7.30am, but most children don’t arrive until approximately 8.00am. She grabs a banana and some toast and goes down to the gym. It is handy using the finger scanner to pay for food – Mum just tops up the account on line so she doesn’t have to worry about carrying money around school. Her friend, Cally has an extra maths lesson on Wednesday morning before lessons, so isn’t around to chat with.
8.15am This is one of the favourite enrichment activities in the school – 15 minutes of speed fitness every morning before school. It isn’t compulsory, but over half the children attend. Aisha particularly loves it because you never know what it is going to be – some days it is street dance, other days it could be circuits, but it sets up the students for the day ahead.
8.30am Time for Aisha to get changed into her uniform – Aisha was in primary school when the school was built and she entered a competition to help design the school uniform, and whilst she didn’t win, it is in the same colours she chose, which always brings a smile to her face.
8.45am Registration – it is always quiet in the classroom at this time, maybe because everyone is still recovering from their speed fitness! All the class have their reading books out and most are reading, apart from one or two who are whispering, but a quick glance from their form tutor soon refocuses their minds! Aisha is reading My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell, she thought it was going to be a boring book, but is finding it funny and enjoyable and wants to watch the television series once she finishes the book. The form tutor reminds her that she has a quick meeting at lunch time about the Spain trip.
9.00am Science lesson – this term is chemistry which Aisha finds really exciting – the experiments are so much bigger than in primary school. There is a lot of preparation for each one, but the chance to use the Bunsen burner and mix chemicals – carefully of course –has fascinated Aisha from the first lesson.
10.00am Maths – There is always a quick quiz at the beginning of the lesson to check on the work that was set for homework, and Aisha got 4/5 so is happy, but knows what she needs to work on to get 5/5 next time. The maths teacher gets everyone interested in the lesson, but if Aisha or one of her friends needs a bit more help he explains it in a completely different way so make sure everyone keeps up.
11.00am Break time – Time for a catch-up with Cally and other friends in the playground – there is plenty of comfortable outdoor seating, under the canopy so it doesn’t matter if it is raining or sunny.
11.15am Basketball – this is a new game for everyone this term – Aisha prefers sprinting to longer distance, so she can really get around the court and manages to score against the other team. The boys and girls all play together, so there is plenty of friendly competition. It is a bit of challenge getting changed so quickly to get to the next lesson, but it can be done!
1.15pm Lunchtime – Time to get bolognaise, a drink and chat with friends again before going to meeting about the trip to Spain which is happening later in the year. It sounds great fun – going on a Monday morning (5.00am!!!) and spending the week in a Spanish school, with a visit to the water park before coming back on the Saturday. Aisha doesn’t know much Spanish yet, but by the time the trip comes round, she will know enough to be able to introduce herself and tell the Spanish students about her home and family.
2.00pm English – The theme this half term is a focus on free-writing. This is a new concept to Aisha. Getting the opportunity to just write what you want for 5 minutes about a subject, without having to think about grammar, or spelling lets your creativity flow. It will be developed later into a more formal piece, but this first piece of writing is particular thought-provoking for Aisha because the topic is about internet safety, following the talk they had last week from the police.
3.00pm Form time – Aisha gets her reading book out again, but the form tutor stops them and takes them down to the hall – one of the Saracens rugby coaches is here to talk to them about how they work as a team - not just the players, but all of the squad, the supporting staff and even how important the role of the receptionist is in ensuring success. This coach comes in once a term to talk to the students. Next week the students are going up to Allianz Park to watch the rugby team training – seeing teamwork in action.
3.30pm Enrichment – today’s activities are a choice from: - Play leader training (which will later be used in the local primary schools) - Drama - Mentor programme - Cricket - Music All pupils choose the activity they want to do for that term, and for each day of the week there are a different set of activities.
4.30pm End of the formal school day. Students can go home at this point, however, many stay so that they can complete their homework - there are teachers available everyday until 6.00pm who can help if required. Sometimes the sixth formers are there and they are really good at explaining when things become tricky!