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Saracens High School to convert rugby values into the classroom

Saracens rugby club have today received confirmation from the Department for Education that, subject to receiving a funding agreement, they will be opening the Saracens High School in Colindale, north London in September 2018 with the aim of converting core Saracens team principles from the playing field into the classroom.

Saracens High School will be strongly underpinned by the central values which have helped make Saracens one of the most successful rugby union clubs in the country, namely; discipline, hard work, honesty and humility.

Saracens High School will take a modern and pioneering approach to individual character development through every aspect of school life with the objective of ensuring students can "be who they really can be". The teaching principles are based on those of training and coaching high performing teams. 

These same values and teaching practice will also underpin Saracens Primary School which is scheduled to open as a three-form entry school in 2019 and will help ease the pressure for additional school places in the Colindale area.

Saracens is working with local education and community partners, including Middlesex University and The Orion and Goldbeaters Primary Schools, and are forming these schools in response to the needs of the community in and around Colindale’s Grahame Park estate.

Dr Trevor Lee, Chief Executive of Saracens Multi-Academy Trust said: “Saracens is strongly values-driven and has a proven track record of excellence in all that it does.

“Saracens High School is intended to be a high performing academic school which will also excel in a range of sports and arts. It will serve as a hub for the local community with extended care for children before and after school along with extensive community use of the school facilities.

“Teaching styles will reflect a commitment to character development, resilience and coaching and mentoring in life skills as well as academic excellence. The work of school staff and community will be characterised by exemplary preparation and always going the extra mile.”

Chris Flathers, Head of The Orion and Goldbeaters Primary Schools said: "The Saracens High School project brings to our community not only new secondary places but an approach to learning that is very similar to the successful methods used at The Orion and Goldbeaters. Helping this new school come to life means we can provide amazing opportunities for our pupils as they move from primary to secondary."

Saracens is one of the most successful rugby unions clubs in England with a history of outstanding competitive achievement such as winning the Aviva Premiership in 2011 and 2015, both the Premiership and European Champions Cup in 2016 and recently retaining the European Champions Cup in 2017.  

Saracens’ core values are clear in their commitment to excellence in its business activities and sporting success.

Saracens Chairman Nigel Wray said: “What a privilege it is for us all to be involved in this, the first ever Saracens High School”.

Honesty and humility are reflected not only in the Saracen approach to team work but also in the commitment to benefitting the local community through the club’s own charity, the Saracens Sport Foundation, which strives to bring positive change to the community, working with some 70,000 children and adults a year to improve their health and education.

The Saracens High School will have educational programmes designed to achieve success for all, a special focus on character development, strong emphasis on the mastery of reading, writing and mathematics along with a wider thematic focus on the world including science, art, history and other subjects.

There will be a focus on learning to be ‘smart’, finding talents and working hard on them, along with an innovative approach to primary to secondary transfer through continuity of a values based approach and leadership development programmes for all based on the ‘Saracen’sWay’.

The school will be sited at Lanacre Avenue, Colindale, London NW9 5FN

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Saracens are pleased to announce that our proposal to open a new primary school at the former Peel Centre site in Colindale, has today been approved by the Department for Education. The Saracens Multi Academy Trust will continue to work with our partners to deliver our vision, not only for our High School that was approved last September, but now also for a new Primary School.  Our focus will not only be on academic excellence but also identifying and nurturing the interests, intellectual curiosity and skills of every student.

The Saracens Multi Academy Trust was established in response to the urgent need for more school places across the London Borough of Barnet. Saracens has continued to work with a group of like-minded individuals and organizations with a passion for education and a focus on the Colindale community, including the Saracens Sports Foundation, Middlesex University, and our educational partners, the Orion and Goldbeaters Primary Schools.

Saracens Chairman, Nigel Wray, said today,“establishing the Saracens Primary School, in close association with the Orion and Goldbeaters Primary Schools, will firstly help meet the growing need for school places in the area. We look forward tobuilding on the excellence of the current provision for primary education, as well as offering continuity for school aged pupils from three to eighteen years of age”.

Saracens Community Director, Gordon Banks, commented, “we have been presented with the exciting opportunity of extending our outreach to families with primary school aged children in the Colindale area. We remain convinced of the benefits of transferring our core values at Saracens of humility, honesty, hard work and discipline to the school environment, as we seek to raise aspirations”.

Chris Flathers, Principal of Orion and Goldbeaters Primary Schools added, “this new primary school will have the unique Saracens spirit and ethos. Pupils will succeed academically and there will be a special emphasis on finding, then nurturing, everyone’s talents. Developing character from a very young age will be a special feature. The best schools today ensure that their pupils have grit and determination as well as pride and respect for all. Saracens are amazing at motivating people in these areas already.”

The Saracens Multi Academy Trust will now work with the Department for Education and the Education Funding Agency to progress our pre-opening plans.