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Formal consultation on Saracens High School, to be based in a new building on Trinity Square Grahame Park, London NW9 5RA.

In 2018 and beyond there will not be enough secondary school places in the London Borough of Barnet.

To meet the demand for extra places, Saracens Multi-Academy Trust has conditional approval from the Government to open a 6 form entry secondary school in September 2018. The school will have 150 Year 7 places available in September 2018, 150 places in September 2019 and then 180 Year  7 places   each year after that. We will abide by the admissions rules as published on our website, with the process being administered by the London Borough of  Barnet.

This will be a state funded secondary school. We  will deliver the highest standards   of teaching and learning to meet the needs of the Colindale community.

The results of the consultation can be found in the document below.



thumbnail of SHS Section 10 Consultation Report V3 DfE

Saracens High School Section 10 Consultation Report

















Public Consultation - Funding Agreement


As part of the pre-opening work to become a Free School, the Trust is completing an ‘appropriate’ (as set out in Section 10 of the Academies Act, 2010) formal consultation exercise to determine whether they should enter into a Funding Agreement with the Department for Education, pending approval of the Secretary of State.


The public consultation will be 6 weeks long starting from 4th September. There will be a series of questions to which we seek your response. During this consultation we will hold a public event from 4pm - 6pm, October 18th at The Orion Primary School, Grahame Park Way, London. NW7 2AL.  Where you can meet members of the Trust as they share the vision, ethos and purpose for Saracens High School. The questions will be available on line and in print from Sept 4th.